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Shopping: Does it lift our mood?

retail therapy. Psychologists have suggested through research whether shopping at one’s favorite store or online, or even just window shopping, can help boost one’s mood as long as it is done in moderation. In a recent article published by Health Essentials of the Cleveland Clinic entitled, 'Why Retail “Therapy” Makes You Feel Happier?' Clinical psychologist, Dr. Scott Bea, PsyD, says research and studies have been proven to uplift anger or sadness. Dr. Bea has proved this theory through these points.

  • Shopping encourages self-control. In a 2014 study, The Journal of Consumer Psychology noted shopping provides a sense of self-control people may not have when they are feeling sadness or anger. Many times, we are not in control of the situation that is upsetting us, but going shopping allows us to make decisions about what to purchase restores that feeling of self-control. Also in 2014, the University of Michigan conducted a study proving people who actually made purchases were three times more happier than those who just browsed or “window shopped”.

  • Visualization lowers anxiety. Dr. Bea indicates shopping stirs up senses. One’s mood may improve by the smell of a new item or seeing colorful displays in the stores, can not only encourage imagination and creativity which can remove us from our troubling reality.

  • When a purchase is made, Dopamine is released. Dr. Bea points out the brain releases Dopamine, a hormone nerotransmitter giving you the feeling of happiness and increases the want for more “feel good” things such as shopping for things you want.

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