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Fashion the DESSY Way on Vacay!

By: Erica Foster

Do you have a big vacation planned you are anticipating? One of the many things to consider while planning your trip is what kind of clothing you will be taking. If you agree, keep reading!

When selecting your vacation wardrobe, there are some important factors to consider.

  • Pack according to the weather forecast for your vacation. Take into consideration fluctuating temperatures. If you are going to a destination where it is warm during the day, you’ll want clothing such as shorts and t-shirts, but if it gets cooler in the evening, bring pants, long-sleeve shirts or sweaters, and perhaps maybe a jacket.

  • Consider the activities you may want to do on your trip. If a visit to the beach is included on your itinerary, don’t forget to pack swimwear you feel confident about yourself. If you desire to attend upscale restaurants or an evening out on the town, you’ll want more semi-formal attire, such as a nice dress, a pair of pants or a skirt. Let’s say you will spend time outdoors, for example, on a camping trip, bring along clothing you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Include articles of clothing you can mix and match. You may bring a jacket that pairs well with any outfit you wear. Bring along shoes, a purse, and jewelry that can be coordinated with the clothes you are bringing.

If you remember these tips for packing clothes, hopefully it will ease your mind while you prepare for that long awaited vacation.

Get dressed the way for your next vacay!

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